“Dear Mr. Dark by Chaem is like a dark fairytale with its intricate, lullaby-like keys and ethereal quality as well as Chaem’s haunting vocals. It’s about everyone having a dark side which initially you want to banish but finally end up embracing, “all your life been living here. It is time to leave your cave and leave your fears.” Neonmusic

“A dark lullaby for the modern ages!”  When The Horn Blows


“Eventually, the video explores the archetypical childhood dream of flying. It is beautiful. Check it out.” Jamie Coughlan, read blog article

“In fact this could well become your experimental calling card, a kind of Massive Attack pushing boundaries. And at the chorus there is a synergy of sorts that acts like a big reveal.” mp3hugger

“Discover the beautiful and intriguing art pop of Chaem. Creating an organic sound that is flecked with the synthetic, it is truly beguiling.” Jamie Coughlan, read blog article

“A delicious piece of experimental art, both visually and sonically. Taken a little by surprise by the PJ Harvey change in momentum but it all adds up to an ever changing flourish of neat ideas. The sequence is really appealing in it oddness but if only a few other artists to take their cues from Chaem in leading from the inside rather than outside forces.” mp3hugger

„What an otherworldly sound, all unusualness and ethereal. It might be offputting for those hung up on straightforward song structures but I liked its individualism. Trickling away it could be a perfect example of a song that reveals itself only on the third or fourth listen.“ mp3hugger about Better Than Planned

“With its ambient, almost otherworldly sound and its positive lyrics, If feels like a stroll on a warm summer’s day – or an uplifting lullaby for the sad at heart. Even with its subtle nods to dreampop and shoegaze, it is at its core a voyage through the more esoteric edges of electronica, feeling so light and airy it seems like the only thing that tethers it to our world is Chaem’s beatific vocal performance.” Mark Buckley, read blog article