01/08/2021 ++Nirgendwo Soundtrack Release++

The songs *Follow Me* and *Summer*, which I wrote with Karsten Laser for the movie ‘Nirgendwo’, are now available on Spotify

05/10/2020 ++Flor and the Sea ‘A Candid Lie’++

Hi there, while I am working on my first debut album, Flor and the Sea is releasing their third single and their EP ‘Kings & Queens’ (06/11). This is ‘A Candid Lie’ at our fist concert before lockdown – a beautiful summer eve in Munich’s Olympiapark

We are also really looking forward to our first streaming concert at Digitalanalog on November, 6th from Munich’s Gasteig! Join us!



25/06/2020 ++Video Premiere ++

“Chaem Embraces The Dark Side In Dear Mr. Dark”

Thanks so much to the lovely people from Neonmusic for premiering my new video. Finally I can share it with you 🌈😍 starring: Markus Böker, Leonie Jara, filmed by David Hennen, fireworks: Millenium Visions, co-produced & mixed by Dieter Dolezel – Thank you so much for being with me on my musical journey!


28/05/2019 ++New Live Dates ++

I’m currently working on my album and gonna play some new songs of it on June 13th @ Alte Utting – presented by Monacco Sessions and Stadtmucke. Also check out Flor and the Sea’s new live dates:



16/12/2018 ++Flor and the Sea on Ego FM ++

Marc and I visited the lovely people from EgoFM Gloria Grünwald and Dominik Kollmann



17/11/2018 ++Cinematography ++

Over the last few months I’ve been collecting footage for new videos. Among which, I had the pleasure of filming and editing the forthcoming music video of my dear friend Surrogate Sibling.


01/11/2018 ++New Band Video ++

We’ve been working on this for so long.

Now Flor and the Sea‘s new video “Reconnect” is out now! Enjoy!

“Blending ambient, EDM, indie rock, and pop genres, the duo of Marc Aretz on guitar and Chaem on vocals have crafted a unique sound. There really are elements of trap music in this lyrical tune, creepily sneaking into our ears.” Composer’s Toolbox


01/10/2018 ++Track premiere++

Surrogate Sibling feat. Chaem – Tellur

The album ‘Hive’ will be released on Friday, but you can already listen to the last track – Chaem’s being featured on it – have a listen to this magical track:


01/09/2018 Hofa Songcontest

So happy to be one of the awardee’s at Hofa college‘s song contest songcheck.de 2018 in the category ‘pop’ with my song ‘Dear Mr. Dark’ Flor and the Sea‘s song ‘Dark Minds’ also reached the 5th place in the category ‘rock’ – yeah!


31/08/2018 Local press

I got interviewed by journalist Michael Fuchs-Gamböck and had the chance to share some news with you


11/08/18 ‘Being creative’

Creative days… I’m currently editing my next music video “Little Lights”. It takes some time, but it’s definitely worth it. Working on new song & videos and gonna play another gig at Streetlife Festival on 08/09/18.

Also: Surrogate Sibling’s 2nd album is coming up in October – it’s gonna be released by the Swedish label 1631! And I’m gonna visit Berlin with Flor and the Sea >> check out the live dates:


01/05/18 ‘Koru Evleri clip”

Proud to be part of this clip directed by Matthias Zentner for Koru Evleri / MC Saatchi, Istanbul, music: Century Rolls, composer: Dieter Dolezel, singer: Chaem

“Try to walk on water on and on. The world’s our playground – everything is possible – walk on water!”  💫


24/04/18 ‘New video” coming up

We started filming my new video ‘Dear Mr. Dark’. I’m so much in love with this luminous umbrella made by David Hennen! Also Markus Böker aka Mr. Dark will appear in it! Watch out!

Next gig: 05/05 22h & 06/05/18 19h at Streetlife Festival in Munich  💫


23/04/18 ‘If’ acoustic version

Thanks to the great support from Living Room Augsburg. We had a wonderful time at our gig yesterday and did a little acoustic version of “If”. Also check out the interview we did with Bayram Er.  💫


30/03/18 ‘To the Moon’ acoustic version

Met the lovely people from N8livingroom yesterday and they filmed an acoustic version of one of my babies. Looking forward to play on 22/04/18 in Augsburg! Playing in the park at night is the best – it’s so magical and mysterious, you can hear the silence between the notes. 💫


19/03/18 Flor and the Sea’s 3rd single – Finally!

Today’s the day! Let’s celebrate!!! Our new video “Dark Minds” is out now, premiered by the cool British blog York Calling, have a listen:: 💫


15/03/18 New live dates!

Chaem’s gonna support the amazing Eau Rouge in April on their tour in Munich and is also gonna play her first headliner gig in Augsburg! Join us: 💫


09/03/18 Chaem’s new single “Dear Mr. Dark”

Chaem’s newest single is quite cinematic and a little bit dramatic. The British Soundsphere magazine did the premiere: 💫


25/01/18 Blog Posts & my song ‘If’

Omg – I’m in love with the article the great blogger Electronic North from Manchester wrote about my music and my song “If” 💞💫

Also so happy that my song “If” is now on Soundcloud and has already been shared in by Loodma Recordings and the bloggers Mystic Sons from London and SirChillicious from Berlin in their new discovery playlists.


20/01/18 Blog Playlist

Yeah, the biggest music blog in Germany, Tonspion, wrote about our track in their latest blog-playlist. A big thank you to Linda Ann Davis 😍💫

“Secret Longing” ist ein spannender Mix aus Klassik- und Elektro-Elementen gepaart mit hellen, klaren Vocals, die einen träumen lassen. Die Selbstbezeichnung “Art Pop” trifft hier eindeutig zu, denn der Song ist voller Kreativität und neuen Soundkombinationen.”


11/01/18 ++Video premiere today! ++

Finally, Surrogate Sibling feat. Chaem’s rework of Carlos Cipa’s beautiful track ‘Secret Longing’ is online, premiered by Gas Mask Magazine today. Check out the article and the video:


26/12/17 ++ Nominated for ‘band of the year’ ++
So happy – I’m nominated for SZ Junge Leute‘s ‘band of the year’. They called me “Pop Elfe” (pop fairy) aaaaaaaawwwww, they are so cute!

Please VOTE for me by leaving a *like* on the link below for my picture – thx a lot!


25/11/17 ++ live on Bayern 3 ++
Yeeeeeah, I was live on radio Bayern3’s Spätschicht yesterday, presented by Puls, for a little interview and they played one of my babies after St. Vincent‘s new song. So proud!!!

24/11/17 ++ 1st gig ++
The lovely people from SZ Junge Leute asked me to play 2 Songs on December 16th at Munich’s Cord Club. Each act is gonna perform a song from another band (surprise, surprise – I love surprises) and someone’s gonna do a special version of my song “Carousel” – sooo exicited! Thinking about playing an acoustic set… still dunno! aaaah!

02/11/17 +++video premiere+++ To the Moon
yeah, I’m sooooo happy that the fabulous blog Overblown did the premiere of my new music video “To the Moon”. This track is a rather delicate, yet synth driven electro pop song, paying homage to the 80s in its deliberately retro sound design. We shot the video with a fabulous team on the hottest day of this summer.

05/10/17 Time to celebrate! Our song “Follow Me (Home)” is nominated for the Deutscher Filmmusikpreis (German Film Music Award) category: “best film song”

Karsten Laser and I wrote this song for a very special and intimate scene in the movie Nirgendwo. Looking forward to the 3th of November in Halle – we*ll be there!

28/07/17 Thanks to Indiemono for the love and support. They’ve added “Munich” to their Spotify playlist “Undiscovered & Chill”. Have a listen, there’s also Surrogate Sibling’s song “Derailed” in it and plenty of beautiful songs to discover!!

27/07/17 So proud to be part of the soundtrack! Nirgendwo is a perfect summer movie! Love the vibe of this film about friendship, summer love and growing up.

31/05/17 So honoured – Chaem is Süddeutsche Zeitung/SZ Junge Leute’s Band of the Week *yeah!