In the 6 billion years of her existence, singer and producer Chaem has been preparing herself for just this moment.  After all this time she still has preserved her very own, unconventional voice.

Influenced by other artistically unorthodox artists such as Björk, Fiona Apple, FKA Twigs, but also That Poppy, Chaem keeps on reinventing herself with each new song, creating musical sound worlds, which are alien and oddly familiar at the same time.

Oscillating between the poles of electronic music and experimental pop, she creates ornate, fragile electronic beats, coming upon vast, ethereal soundscapes. Yet at the center of it, there’s always floating her truly intimate voice, unfolding again and again into multilayered choirs.

If she’s currently not attending to her own projects, she can be found more and more frequently in various collaborations, such as the soundtrack of the German film Nirgendwo, as songwriter and lyricist for Warner/Chappell, and as vocalist in the Chambertronics project Surrogate Sibling, as well as in the Indie-Electropop project Flor and the Sea.

In November 2017 Chaem got nominated for the prestigious Deutscher Filmmusikpreis (German Film Music Award) in the category: „Best Film Song“ for the track “Follow Me” (Nirgendwo soundtrack), a recent collaboration with film composer Karsten Laser. Recently, she was nominated as ‘band of the year 2017’ by the renowned German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung/SZ Junge Leute.

Chaem‘s first solo EP „Carousel“ was released on 4/4/17 to all digital platforms together with her first music video „Better Than Planned“. On 5/16/17 her 2nd music video „Carousel“ was released, followed by her 3rd video “To the Moon” on 2/11/17. Her newest single “Dear Mr. Dark” is out now.

If you‘ve wondered how Chaem‘s name is pronounced, this clip might help you: