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Apple TV+’s “Constellation” will feature our track “Surrogate Sibling” – Tellur. We are very grateful and can’t await the start of the series on February 21st.

Track premiere by Fluid Radio: Surrogate Sibling feat. Chaem – Tellur. The album ‘Hive’ – was released on Oct 5 by 1631 recordings.

“Tellur by Surrogate Sibling blends Renaissance-style polyphony, postminimalism, and a gentle use of electronics to create a fascinatingly simple work that is at the same time quite complex. The vocal lines in the work, whether alternating between one another or in homophony, are sung beautifully and with clarity.” Composer’s Toolbox

“Dear Mr. Dark by Chaem is like a dark fairytale with its intricate, lullaby-like keys and ethereal quality as well as Chaem’s haunting vocals. It’s about everyone having a dark side which initially you want to banish but finally end up embracing, “all your life been living here. It is time to leave your cave and leave your fears.” Neonmusic


Flor and the Sea‘s new future pop single ‘A Candid Lie’

“A crystal clear release visually and musically, the dark undertones of the genre-bending anthem is simply bittersweet.” Clout

“The video’s festival setting is a familiar and bittersweet sight to all music lovers in a time of global anxiety. (…) Flor and the Sea have created a masterly indie-pop anthem that radiates the joys of summer, freedom, and untrammeled optimism.” Jammerzine

“Together they create grand cinematic pop songs that let Chaem’s gentle vocals float above many layers of sound.” Glamglare