Chaem’s newest single „Dear Mr. Dark“ was released on 09/03/2018.

„Dear Mr Dark“ has a very cinematic and slightly dramatic vibe. Chaem says about the song: „It’s a kind of love story. But not the usual one. „Mr. Dark“ is a part of me, like he is of everyone. And he’s seeking a spark in the dark. Light where no light is. Hope where no hope is. I’m about to shoot a music video for this track and this is also like a journey – new ideas come up and it’s like a puzzle being put together, bit by bit.“

„aurally stunning alt-pop beauty“ Soundsphere magazine

On 4/4/17 Chaem released her first solo EP „Carousel“ to all digital platforms.

It includes 5 tracks:

  1. Munich
  2. To The Moon
  3. Carousel
  4. Better Than Planned
  5. If

The first track of the album is called „Munich“ and it sounds a little something like that: