Welcome to Chaem’s universe. Feel free to listen to her newest EP „Carousel“ and her music videos. In Chaem‘s world everything is possible and everything communicates in a certain way and mostly thru music. Characters like Mr Tree, Mrs Sea and Mr Dark live here. Come on…let’s have a look and discover Chaem’s world!


This is Chaem’s newest single „Dear Mr. Dark“, released on 09/03/2018 to all digital platforms. Listen to it on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon

„aurally stunning alt-pop beauty“ Soundsphere magazine

To celebrate the nomination for the prestigious Deutsche Filmmusikpreis (German Film Music Award) category: „best film song“, Chaem has released her 3rd music video „To the Moon“, premiered by the fantastic Irish blog Overblown.


„rhythmically infectious and otherworldly sound“ Overblown

Chaem’s 2nd single „Carousel“


Chaem’s collab work with Marc Aretz: Indiepop duo Flor and the Sea’s 3rd single „Dark Minds“, released on March 19th 2018, premiered by the cool British blog York Calling


This is Chaem’s recent collaboration with Surrogate Sibling. A rework of Carlos Cipa’s beautiful piano piece „Secret Longing“. Enjoy!